Skill Training

Skill is a set of abilities which help a person to carry out a task with perfection.

Skill is a set of abilities which help a person to carry out a task with perfection. It is a combination of Knowledge and ability. Skill can be developed through practice. When a person does something with through knowledge and perfection, the result or outcome will be astounding. Skill can simply be defined as a talent that comes from training and regular practice.

Skill training helps a person to strengthen the skills he/she has. Nowadays jobs have become more and more specialized and that generates a need for skilled employees. Skill training helps people to perform their work more efficiently and create an opportunity for self-employment also.

Skill training includes

  • 1. Food processing
  • 2. House Keeping
  • 3. Construction Woks
  • 4. Bakery and Confectionary
  • 5. Fashion Designing and tailoring
  • 6. Animal Husbandry
  • 7. Fish processing
  • 8. Canteen and catering
  • 9. Beautician Training
  • 10. Jewelry Making
  • 11. Flower Arrangement
  • 12. Candle Making
  • 13. Gardening and Landscaping
  • 14. LED Light and Tube making
  • 15. Umbrella Making
  • 16. Home Nursing
  • 17. Day Care
  • 18. Glass Painting

    Parenting is the art of bringing up child/children. It includes the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of the children. Confident parent tends to raise confident, independent children. Parenting training helps the parents to use positive reinforcement to bring up the best in each child. When the children reach adolescence, they tend to develop another set of characteristics/ behavior pattern that often puzzles the parents. The training enables them to cop-up with the situation and handle the children effectively.